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Blue Spoon – This Neighborhood Bistro is the Perfect Lunch Spot

20 Jan

Mark and I had a great long weekend socializing with friends cheering the San Francisco 49’ers on to their playoff victory with Alex and Laura, a splendid couple that we don’t get to spend nearly enough time with. Since I work with Laura we see each other every day, but the boys haven’t been had time to spend together and bond like they need to. After the big win Laura and I sprung into social mode, setting up a brunch date for Monday since we all had the day off.

We had grand plans to have a southern style breakfast at the Bayou Kitchen, but they are currently closed for renovations (and be forewarned there is no note on the website). So, we started driving around aimlessly trying to think of places. Every place that was serving breakfast on a Monday was somewhere we had been before, and I was being selfish because I wanted to write a new review, and I also wasn’t in the mood for diner food (was I being too picky? Naa.) We decided on the Blue Spoon and arrived for lunch promptly at 11:30 a.m., just in time to be the first patrons through the door.

Since we were the only ones there, we had our pick of seats. We opted for the small booth in the back corner by the sunny window and promptly ordered coffee, water and a Golden Pheasant (Slovakian beer) for Laura. Mark and I had been on a day-and-a-half television watching bender since we recently became addicted to The Walking Dead. I hadn’t seen the sun in 36 hours, so getting coffee pumping through my bloodstream was imperative before I turned into a zombie.

Slovakian Beer, Golden Pheasant

The coffee was great, but after passing the bottle of beer around the table we all felt it tasted a little skunky (as most beer in green bottles does). If that’s your thing you might want to order it next time you are there. Laura probably won’t though.

Their lunch menu is incredible and we all had a tough time deciding what to get. They have an excellent selection of sandwiches, salads and some heavier “main course” type options. I selfishly coaxed Mark into getting their Gourmet Burger with cheddar cheese, because I wanted to try it.

Bistro Burger with Cheddar Cheese

It came with warm potato salad on the side and was cooked as exactly as he ordered it—medium. The burger was great, though Mark pointed out it was not the best he has had (he still prefers the Grill Room’s burger), but was pleased and said he would order it again.

Alex also ordered the burger, but went for the blue cheese.

Bistro Burger with Blue Cheese

He also really enjoyed it.

Laura decided to go with the fish stew, which I had previously had for dinner one night there and didn’t particularly care for.

Fish Stew

She started raving about it after the first bite. It was overflowing with mussels, haddock, calamari, shrimp and scallops. The sauce was also very rich and flavorful (the component that was missing when I had it) and came with bread on top for dipping. She was definitely happy with her choice, and it made me question if I had even had the same dish when I was there before because her dish was decidedly better.

I ordered the Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese because it was cold outside and I wanted warm comfort food. I also ordered a side of beets because I’m a freak for beets, and I think the ones Blue Spoon pickles are tops.

Side of Beets

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

It was made from delicious bow-tie pasta in a creamy cheese sauce accompanied by large chunks of freshly steamed butternut squash. The sauce was chalked full of heavy cream, but it wasn’t too rich. It was a solid choice, but I couldn’t help but wish there was a little sprinkle of fresh nutmeg on top to add some complexity and extra flavor to the dish.

Overall, this is a great little lunch spot. It’s a little more expensive than your usual sandwich joint, but the quality is far superior, so higher prices are to be expected. So, pop in sometime you are up on Munjoy Hill for a nice sit down lunch. After all, you’re probably getting sick of getting Colucci’s sandwiches all the time anyway.


Take Your Mouth Down South at Hot Suppa

30 Jul

Hot Supper, a very well-know breakfast establishment, started serving dinner a few months ago. I have been dying to try it, but for some reason the idea was always falling off my radar. Well, NOT THIS TIME KIDS!

I came home Thursday night feeling (I’m not ashamed to admit this) too lazy to cook. Mark and I racked our brain for someplace to go when he suggested Hot Suppa. It was a resounding yes, and in two shakes of a lamb’s tail we were off!

We walked into the lively little establishment around eight o’clock. It was still bustling and there were only two empty tables left in the place. The vibrantly colored walls and local art certainly make you feel like you stepped out of New England and into the Bayou South.

Their menu is also very Cajun inspired. Lots of shrimp, fish, made with love jambalaya and so much more! They also have an awesome speciality drink menu. Since it was so darn hot out, I opted for a Pimm’s Cup ($6.95) so I could pretend I was at Wimbledon. Mark ordered a Whiskey Smash ($6.95), because there are two kinds of liquor that man can’t turn down– whiskey and scotch. The drinks came and proved to be perfect choices for a hot summer night. Mine was light and delicious with a subtle hint of cucumbers, just how I like it. Mark’s was very refreshing with a nice minty flavor.

Since we had gotten our drink fix, we decided it was definitely time to order. There was an Oyster Po’Boy ($11.95) that tempted me on the specials menu from the minute I walked in. I went for that with the homemade Maine cheddar mac! I mean why not, right? Comfort food is what we came for!

Fresh Fried Oyster Po'Boy with Maine Cheddar Mac

The fresh oysters were lightly friend in cornmeal batter. They were so fresh they practically melted in my mouth. I swear they shucked them right before they fried them. So. Darn. Good. The mac and cheese was so creamy and sharp. I am dreaming about having a bowl of it right now! That alone is worth a trip at dinner.

Mark decided to go with the catfish ($14.95).

Cornmeal crusted catfish with Maine shrimp in a tasso cream sauce

The fresh fish was covered in a light cream sauce with perfectly cooked tiny Maine shrimp (and those shrimp are so small and delicate they are easy to overcook, but they know what they are doing here). He was quite pleased with it, but opted for rice instead of the traditional grits. He liked it, but said he would try something different the next time we go.

All in all, I think it’s a great place to treat yourself and the ones you love to some Southern style soul food. It’s a little off the beaten path so I don’t think it’s been fully discovered for dinner yet. I can’t wait to go back!

Hot Suppa on Urbanspoon

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