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Fish Friday at Feeney’s

17 Apr

Black and Tan & Oharas

My husband Mark and I were looking for somewhere to go on a Friday night that a) wouldn’t be overly crowded and b) was relatively inexpensive. We decided to go to Bull Feeney’s because our friend Alex is somewhat obsessed with it. We thought if Al likes it, it must be good…plus we were in the mood for some STOUTS!

Upon entering we were greeted in the doorway and quickly ushered upstairs to our quiet two person table in a window overlooking Fore Street. It was great for people watching and we even spied our friend, Nate (Fore Front Fashion photographer), walking with his lady friend. In a city as small as Portland, you know you will ALWAYS see someone you know strolling about!

While it was obvious when our waitress came to our table that she was new, she was eager to please. She fetched our beers and came back with a huge smile ready to take our order. Since Mark is religious for 40 days out of the year (Catholic Lenten guilt) he had to have something seafood related or vegetarian. I am not even sure there was anything vegetarian on the menu aside from salads, but there was FISH AND CHIPS. A classic, Irish and UK favorite…and also a favorite of Mark’s. He is a man who has no trouble sticking to routine, while I have trouble ordering the same thing twice, let alone going to the same restaurant twice. I am trying to work on this as maybe there is such a thing as ‘too much variety?’ So, deciding that I was in the mood for ‘variety’ and as a non-Lent participant I ordered the Bangers and Colcannon.

Feeneys Fish and Chips

Mark’s fish and chips ($15.95) came out expertly breaded, accompanied with a mixture of regular and sweet potato fries along with a size of cole slaw. He loved the breading and the fish was perfectly flakey and fresh.

Bangers and Colcannon

My plate ($12.95) came out with three large sausages covered in a delicious brown gravy with mashed potatoes that had sautéed cabbage mixed in with the mashed. It was, by all dietary accounts, completely unhealthy. I figured what the hey and threw caution to the wind and focused on how fantastic the food tasted not the fat and calorie content. It was the right choice because the sausage had great flavor and the casing added a nice snap upon first bite. I liked the mixture of the mashed and cabbage, it was different than I had imagined in a far better way.

Overall, we thought the food/atmosphere at Feeney’s was great! We escaped with a $40 tab. It would have been relatively cheap had it not been for our $6 beers, so I think it’s worth giving a try. Though it’s far from authentic Irish food, it can satisfy one’s banger craving. It’s a cool place to grab some pub grub, have a good beer (because life’s too short to drink crap beer), and people watch. So, sometime do yourself a favor, go to Bull Feeney’s order an O’hara’s and some bangers…I feel pretty confident you’ll be glad you did.

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