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The Corner Room—Now Serving Sunday Brunch

14 Dec

Thanks to another great Living Social deal, Mark and I headed out to Corner Room for some brunch fare. I must admit my ignorance, as I didn’t even know they had brunch. I thought maybe it was a limited time thing, but I checked out the fine print and then Googled the menu and saw that indeed this was a legitimate affair. It’s something new that they are offering.

We strolled in early by brunch standards, 10:30 that morning, and were asked if we had reservations. Umm, no?! I wasn’t aware that most places even took reservations for brunch, so either I am going to the wrong places, or this was just a little unorthodox. The managed to “squeeze” us in, which was seemed odd, because only three other tables were occupied.

We sat down and quickly ordered coffee and I ordered a Blood Orange Mimosa, while Mark went for their signature cocktail, the Corner Room Corpse Revivor.

Blood Orange Cocktails Abound

The drinks were great, though mine wasn’t especially blood orange flavored. Mark’s was gin with conglomeration of bitters and other liquors with blood orange juice. I must admit, I couldn’t have cared less about it since it was made with gin. I hate gin. Mark on the other hand, thought it was wonderful. He had it made with Cold River Gin, made just up the road in Freeport, Maine.

Since we had a $50 coupon, we decided to splurge a bit and try a few different menu items. The Sweet Ricotta and Nutella Crespelle really spoke to me, because I love crepes and I adore hazelnut flavored ANYTHING.

Ricotta and Nutella Crespelles

The tiny hint of orange combined with the hazelnuts on top of the crepes really added to the dish. One of them looked a little burnt on the outside, but it tasted great, so it was more aesthetic than anything. It was not the best crepe I have had, but it was pretty darn good and we really enjoyed it overall. I kind of wish we have opted for it as a sort of “dessert” after our meal though.

For our main brunch item Mark ordered the Eggs Benedict. I swear this man is obsessed. He gets it pretty much everywhere we go, and on every occasion he deems Bintliff’s to have his most preferential version.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

This was no exception. He really didn’t like the olive oil hollandaise, and I can’t say I disagree with him. You could really taste the olive oil, and if there is anyone that you could feed olive oil to without complaints, it’s us! We use olive oil in everything—including baking, but this was an exception. It just really didn’t work with this dish.

I decided to go with the rather heavy Norcino Colazione, or butchers breakfast. In Italy a norcino was a butcher who went from house to house making sausages for pig farmers. I thought the name was very clever, but this dish reminded me more of an English breakfast than an Italian one. It came with two eggs fried in pork fat, black pudding, beans, bacon rashers, and toast.

Norcino Colazione


I would like to say, this was my first experience with black pudding. For those of you who don’t know, black pudding (or blood pudding as some call it) is a type of sausage that is made from congealed blood. I absolutely love blood sausage (much to the chagrin of many people I know). I swear, I really wish more people would try it as there is no “iron” or “blood” taste to it at all. It might sound a little odd at first, but it’s been popular in countries like Germany, England and Italy for centuries.

The black pudding at the Corner Room was pretty darn good. I even got Mark to try it and he gave it his seal of approval. There were some nice chunks of beautiful white fat dispersed throughout the loaf. It had a nice saltiness and texture to it. I would definitely eat here again just to have it. I don’t know of anywhere else in town that I can get black pudding for brunch.

The beans on the side were cannelloni, and they were definitely undercooked. I am not sure if they were supposed to be English style or what. I was more confused by them than anything.

The eggs were amazing and cooked to a delicate over-easy. Paired with the thick slabs of extremely meaty bacon they were salty and delicious. No seasoning needed whatsoever. They were also beautiful and you could tell they were farm raised from the colorful orangish-yellow yoke. Delicious.

I would recommend making a reservation before you go, it will be worth your while to avoid a wait. If you are an adventurous eater, don’t forget to order the black pudding. While the Corner Room didn’t have an overwhelming ‘wow’ factor for brunch (I prefer their dinner much more), I really liked some of the items we had. The theme just seemed a little lost, if you have an Italian inspired restaurant one would think the brunch would be more Italian inspired… but I digress. While I will probably eat here in again in the future there are many other brunch spots I would rather try before coming here again.

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Bintliff’s American Cafe, the Cure for the Common Hangover

10 Apr

As per usual, we were out and about in Portland with our friends Ben and Laura, aka the cutest photographer and health coach we know! We had long made plans to go to Bintliff’s for brunch since they had never been, but plans kept getting spoiled and it took us three weeks to FINALLY go! Thank God we made it!

We decided to meet at 10 o’clock on a Saturday. This is just about the earliest any of us could muster the courage to go on a Saturday morning. When we go there, there was quite a line that had formed, but the good people at Bintliff’s, knowing people in need of caffeine are about one second away from a minor riot, had mugs and coffee available while we waited. Nice, crisis averted!

While we stood there, Ben and Laura told us that the hostess had estimated a 20 minute wait. Not too shabby, so we all gladly chatted, got caffeinated, and Ben nursed his small hangover from a pub crawl the evening before.

No sooner had we caught up on life then we were taken upstairs to our table. At the top of the stairs sat my friend, Laura, creator of the amazing street style blog Fore Front Fashion! So, obviously, Bintliff’s is the place to be on a Saturday for brunch!

We sat down and Ben and I decided to get their much talked about Bloody’s. My were they spectacular! Just the right amount of spicy horseradish and a salt and pepper rimed glass. Ben immediately started feeling the effects of the “hair of the dog” and was ready for a hearty breakfast!

Bintliff's Amazing Bloody. The cure for the common hangover.

After Ben started feeling better we all made our brunch selections. Laura and I were in a ‘lobsta’ kind of mood so she ordered the lobster benedict…

Lobster Benedict

and I ordered the lobster frittata with gruyere cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. Yum-O. Both of our lobster breakfasts came with a hearty portion of lobster, it was very fresh and delicious!

Lobster Frittata

Mark and Ben were feeling rather plain and opted for the regular Eggs Benedict. It wasn’t long before huge plates piled high with homemade potatoes (both russet and sweet) fried to perfection came out along with our beautiful egg plates.

Bintliff's Eggs Benedict

Overall, it was a great brunch with great friends. My husband, Mark, thinks they have the best eggs benedict in town! Unlimited cups of coffee are $1.99, bloody’s are $6.99, the lobster dishes were $14.99, and the plain benedict’s were $11.99. So, reasonably priced for the large amount of food you get. We left there so full we didn’t eat until 6:30 p.m. Now that’s what I call a hearty brunch!

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