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Brownie Cupcakes!

19 Feb

Tonight my husband and I will be hosting a party for our very adorable and dear friends, Ben and Laura. I decided it would be best to stick with my seafood theme as of late and I will be making crab cakes later. But first thing this morning, in between editing and writing some copy for work I had to whip together some brownie cupcakes for dessert! I decided our two cute friends needed a little chocolate after party tonight!

For these you will need:

Any brand of brownie mix (I cheated today these are not from scratch…GASP!)



1/3 CUP OIL (now is when I tell you my secret…I use olive oil in EVERYTHING, seriously you can’t tell the difference. I promise)

Preheat oven to 325ºF. Throw all the ingredients in a bowl and mix these little puppies up! Line your cupcake pan, fill 3/4 of the way and bake for 29 minutes.

When they are done cool on a cooling rack for a few hours!

Now it’s time for Dr. Oetker to do his thing! Get this, follow the directions, and the put it on top of the glorious brownie cupcakes!

The icing on the cupcakes!

You slaved and slaved right? SHUUSHHH don’t tell anyone it’s boxed!! Now put that glorious icing in a ziplock, move it all down to one corner. Cut that corner and began swirling the icing onto the brownie cupcake! Garnish with a raspberry or strawberry or whatever kind of berry you have. Are you as hungry as I am for this oh my gosh I can’t wait until dinner is over!

They should look something like this:

Brownie Cupcakes!

P.S. These are so good, and such a huge hit! Ben and Laura had to take some for the road (they begged me for the recipe)! So, Ben and Laura HERE IT IS!

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