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I Didn’t Find Love at 158 Pickett Street

29 Jan

158 Pickett Street in South Portland

I’m actually embarrassed to admit this, but Mark and I had never been to 158 Pickett Street until last weekend. We decided to take a little drive in the snow with the puppies and initially we thought about going to Scratch, and then I suggested that we try 158. I had heard tons of good things, and many people have said they think their bagels are better than Scratch, so I was intrigued. I’m a hard bagel customer though, because in my mind there is nothing, absolutely nothing, better than a New York bagel. Truth be told, that level of bagel snobbery is what has kept me from eating here for so long.

We rolled in around 10:30 on Sunday morning and there was, surprisingly, no line. I have heard the lines in the summer can be epic, but not today. We felt lucky for a moment in time.

View from the counter

I ordered a cappuccino to go. They made it in a flash and it was delicious. It had a slightly unconventional amount of foam (as in hardly any), but was really good nonetheless. I also ordered a double chocolate hazelnut cookie to hopefully bring happiness to my life later.

Next came the bagel breakfast sandwich orders. I decided to go with The Canuck, which comes with Canadian bacon, cheese and egg. I decided to get this on an onion bagel.

The Canuck

It was fine in my opinion. Nothing out of the ordinary, and I couldn’t help but think I could have made one better at home. The onion bagel was chewy in a way that I have never experienced before. It was getting suck in all the wrong places and making my mouth raw from chewing. Trust me I love the chew and hate bagels toasted so I thought I would be thrilled with this place, but alas it was no Ess-A-Bagel or Murray’s. No kids, it just wasn’t even close. Sigh.

Mark went for a Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar Bagel on Onion.

Sausage, Egg and Cheddar on Onion sans Sausage. Not cool.

You will notice in this photo that there was absolutely no sausage on this. Another strike! I swear we couldn’t win for losing, and since we were parked out at Fort Williams Park trying to enjoy a quiet ride and breakfast there was no way to remedy this situation. He was crestfallen to say the least. I gave him half of mine to try to alleviate his heartache and contribute to his extreme need for protein.

Now, I am certainly not saying I would never eat here again, but this first impression wasn’t stellar. I have heard that their bagels and lox are awesome, as well as their omelets, so maybe I would go back and try one of those sometime? It’s going to be hard to convince my number one dining partner to go back there anytime soon though, he’s still upset (days after the fact) that he paid $6 for a sandwich that wasn’t even what he ordered. He also said he preferred frozen Lenders brand bagels, but I am sure that was just the anger talking. Sorry Pickett Street. We wanted to love you, but you just wouldn’t let us. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to redeem yourself at some point. Oh, and the cookie was a little dry—to add insult to injury.

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