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Hello Portland!

13 Feb

Chow Maineiacs (sorry I couldn’t resist)!

As I sit here writing this I am chowing down on a bowl of leftover Maryland She Crab Soup, YUM! If you know me personally you know I have been talking about doing this blog for a while now, but my extreme procrastination certainly got the best of me for about six months. I feel back on track now! I am just one year into my “new” life in Maine and have been so impressed with the food scene here. Having moved from Morgantown, West Virginia where there food scene was lacking at best, my husband and I spent a great deal of time traveling to New York, D.C., and Pittsburgh just to eat. Now that we live in the Northeast we spend a time exploring our new world, cooking, and eating, eating, eating. I hope that my readers will find practical advice on dining out in and around Portland, Maine, weekend travel tips, and delicious recipes.

Thanks for reading!

Until later, Eat Here. Go There.

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