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Micucci’s Sicilian Slab, the Cure for the Common Slice

4 Feb

Micucci's Sicilian Slab

Well, I finally made it into Micucci’s on India Street to get a taste of the famous Sicilian slab. As many amazing things as I have read and heard about it, I still think it was completely underrated! This pizza is a vision of perfection with minimal cheese, a sweet homemade red sauce that was beautifully glossy with chunks of tomato on deliciously chewy homemade dough. A word of advice for those dying to try it: Go during the week or at a non-peak time on the weekend to avoid a large crowd. Mark and I went at noon on a Saturday and it was wall-to-wall people, so it was not good for people who hate crowds (i.e. Mark). We finally reached the front of the line, grabbed two slices off the rack, made our boxes and took it home so we could enjoy it with a side of basketball and beer. After all, what is pizza without beer? This stuff has a shelf-life designed to outlast the hype. It’s definitely my favorite slice in Portland.

Note to self: Must go again soon. Very, very soon. 

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